AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT: The Future of Wireless DJing

Introducing the AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT, the game-changing duo set to revolutionize the world of wireless DJing. These cutting-edge products from AlphaTheta, a renowned brand known for its innovative approach, are designed to provide DJs with the ultimate portable DJing experience. The OMNIS-DUO is a standalone DJ controller with an intuitive interface and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to mix and scratch wirelessly from your phone or tablet. Paired with the WAVE-EIGHT powered speakers, featuring SonicLink technology for ultra-low-latency transmission, weather-resistant design, and up to eight hours of battery life, you can transform any location into an epic DJ party. Get ready to explore the future of wireless DJing with these game-changing devices from AlphaTheta.

AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT: The Future of Wireless DJing


The world of DJing has seen numerous advancements in recent years, and AlphaTheta is at the forefront of this technological revolution. With the release of their OMNIS-DUO DJ Controller and WAVE-EIGHT Powered Speakers, AlphaTheta is ushering in a new era of wireless DJing. These innovative products offer unparalleled functionality, versatility, and portability, making them the ideal choice for DJs of all levels. In this article, we will delve into the features of the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT, explore their Bluetooth integration, discuss SonicLink technology, delve into battery life and wireless connection capabilities, and highlight the benefits of these cutting-edge products.

Background on AlphaTheta Brand

Before we dive into the exciting features of the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT, let’s take a brief look at the AlphaTheta brand. AlphaTheta is the umbrella company that oversees several renowned brands in the industry, including Pioneer DJ, Pioneer pro audio, Chise record box, and kuo. However, AlphaTheta also creates and releases products under its own name, allowing for greater innovation and product range expansion. The brand operates in conjunction with Pioneer DJ and AlphaTheta’s other brands, combining expertise and experience to push the boundaries of DJing technology.

AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT: The Future of Wireless DJing

Features of the AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO

The AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO is a standalone DJ Controller that is specifically designed to provide DJs with a seamless and immersive mixing experience. The OMNIS-DUO features a familiar two-deck+mixer layout, allowing DJs to effortlessly transition between tracks. The controller’s touchscreen interface provides intuitive control and easy navigation, giving DJs full command over their music.

One of the standout features of the OMNIS-DUO is its Bluetooth connectivity. DJs can now mix and scratch wirelessly from their phone or tablet, thanks to the controller’s advanced Bluetooth integration. This feature opens up a world of possibilities for DJs, allowing them to perform with greater flexibility and mobility.

The OMNIS-DUO also boasts impressive USB and SD card capacity, giving DJs ample storage space for their music libraries. Moreover, DJs can record their performances directly onto these devices, allowing for seamless playback or sharing of recorded sets.

Additionally, the OMNIS-DUO offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, further enhancing its connectivity options. DJs can take advantage of these wireless functionalities to stream music, access online platforms, and connect with other devices seamlessly.

When it comes to battery operation, the OMNIS-DUO truly excels. With up to 5 hours of battery life, DJs can perform for long stretches of time without worrying about power sources. The controller even has an economic mode that conserves battery life by limiting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and screen brightness, ensuring extended hours of uninterrupted mixing.

Bluetooth Integration with the OMNIS-DUO

The OMNIS-DUO’s Bluetooth integration is a game-changer for DJs. AlphaTheta has developed industry-first Bluetooth technology that addresses the common issue of latency. Typically, Bluetooth connections introduce noticeable delays, making it challenging to DJ effectively. However, with the OMNIS-DUO, DJs can seamlessly integrate Bluetooth into their workflow.

The controller’s internal memory captures audio from Bluetooth sources in real-time, analyzing it and generating a waveform for precise control. This means DJs can set their mobile device aside while the OMNIS-DUO takes care of capturing and analyzing the audio stream. DJs will have full control over the audio, allowing them to scratch, set hot cues, and adjust pitch seamlessly.

The OMNIS-DUO’s Bluetooth integration also supports dual inputs, enabling DJs to connect multiple devices simultaneously. This feature adds a new level of versatility, allowing DJs to mix tracks seamlessly from different sources. Additionally, the controller’s hands-free integration frees DJs from constantly handling their mobile devices, further enhancing their performance capabilities.

AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT: The Future of Wireless DJing

Features of the AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT

While the OMNIS-DUO revolutionizes DJ controllers, the WAVE-EIGHT Powered Speakers take wireless DJing to a whole new level. The WAVE-EIGHT is a battery-powered portable speaker that delivers powerful, immersive sound in any location. Its weather-resistant design ensures that DJs can bring the party to outdoor venues without worrying about the elements.

A standout feature of the WAVE-EIGHT is its SonicLink technology, which eliminates latency in wireless DJing. DJs can enjoy ultra-low-latency transmission, ensuring that there are no audible delays between their actions and the sound output. This technology enhances the DJing experience, making it as seamless as using wired systems.

With up to 8 hours of battery life, the WAVE-EIGHT keeps the party going all night long. DJs can perform without the need for external power sources, giving them greater freedom and flexibility in choosing performance locations. Additionally, the WAVE-EIGHT’s battery can be recharged, allowing for continuous use during extended events.

The WAVE-EIGHT features wireless transmitter capabilities, enabling DJs to transmit audio wirelessly from their devices directly to the speakers. DJs can connect their devices to the WAVE-EIGHT’s RCA inputs, and with SonicLink, experience synchronized audio playback without any noticeable latency.

These speakers also offer versatile speaker modes, allowing DJs to customize their sound output according to different settings or preferences. DJs can choose between left speaker, right speaker, or mono speaker modes, optimizing their sound setup for various venues and performance scenarios. The WAVE-EIGHT delivers a full spectrum of sound, ensuring that every beat, melody, and bassline is heard with utmost clarity.

Furthermore, the WAVE-EIGHT offers a robust wireless connection with a range of up to 90ft. This ample range allows DJs to roam freely while performing, without being tied down by audio cables or limitations. The completely wireless nature of the WAVE-EIGHT makes it an indispensable tool for DJs seeking unparalleled convenience and mobility.

SonicLink Technology

SonicLink technology is a groundbreaking innovation from AlphaTheta that takes wireless DJing to new heights. This technology aims to eliminate latency, a common issue faced by DJs when using wireless systems. Latency refers to the delay between a DJ’s action, such as scratching a record or hitting a cue, and the sound being produced. SonicLink minimizes this delay, enabling DJs to perform with precision and accuracy.

SonicLink achieves ultra-low-latency transmission, ensuring that the audio output is in perfect sync with the DJ’s actions. With this technology, DJs can scratch, cut, and mix tracks seamlessly, just as they would with a traditional wired setup. The absence of noticeable latency opens up endless possibilities for DJs, allowing for more creative and dynamic performances.

Furthermore, SonicLink ensures a stable and reliable wireless connection, ensuring uninterrupted audio transmission. DJs no longer have to worry about dropped signals or connectivity issues, allowing them to focus solely on their performances. With SonicLink, the future of wireless DJing is more exciting and promising than ever before.

AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT: The Future of Wireless DJing

Battery Life and Wireless Connection

Battery life and wireless connection capabilities are crucial factors to consider when choosing DJ equipment, and both the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT excel in these areas.

The OMNIS-DUO features a long battery life, providing up to 5 hours of operation on a single charge. This ample battery life allows DJs to perform for extended periods without the need for external power sources. Additionally, DJs can conserve battery life by utilizing the controller’s economic mode, which reduces power consumption by limiting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and screen brightness. For even longer hours of use, the OMNIS-DUO can be powered by external battery packs, ensuring that the party never stops.

The WAVE-EIGHT, on the other hand, offers an impressive battery life of up to 8 hours. DJs can rely on these powered speakers to deliver consistent, high-quality sound throughout their performances. Moreover, the WAVE-EIGHT supports the linking of multiple speakers, allowing DJs to scale their setup according to the venue size or audience capacity. This flexibility ensures that every corner of the venue is filled with immersive sound.

Both the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT offer wireless connections, eliminating the need for cumbersome audio cables. With wireless connectivity, DJs can move freely around the performance area and adjust their setup without any limitations. The wireless range of the WAVE-EIGHT extends up to 90ft, providing ample coverage for larger venues. DJs can daisy-chain multiple WAVE-EIGHT speakers without the need for any power or audio cables, making setup quick and hassle-free.

Pairing the OMNIS-DUO with the WAVE-EIGHT

The OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT are a match made in DJing heaven. When used together, these two products enhance each other’s capabilities, creating a comprehensive and seamless DJing experience.

The OMNIS-DUO’s battery-powered portability perfectly complements the WAVE-EIGHT’s wireless capabilities. DJs can take their setup anywhere with ease, whether it’s a beach party, backyard gathering, or poolside event. The speakers’ luggage-style design, complete with a draw handle and casters, makes transportation effortless. DJs can simply pull the speakers along, thanks to their lightweight construction and intuitive design.

Moreover, the WAVE-EIGHT’s IP rating adds an extra layer of convenience and reassurance. These speakers are weather-resistant, capable of withstanding rain and other outdoor conditions. DJs can confidently use the WAVE-EIGHT in different weather conditions without compromising sound quality or speaker integrity.

The pairing of the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT offers DJs the ultimate mobility and versatility. Whether they choose battery operation or use external power sources, DJs can expect top-notch performance quality from both products. With this powerful duo, DJs can take control of their music and create unforgettable experiences for their audiences.

Target Market and Benefits

Both the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT cater to a wide range of DJs, from hobbyists to professionals. These products are designed to offer unmatched flexibility, allowing DJs to perform in any location without compromising on sound quality or functionality. The ability to mix and scratch wirelessly empowers DJs to experiment and push the boundaries of their creativity. With the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT, DJs can captivate audiences and create immersive DJ parties in any setting, whether indoors or outdoors.

The benefits of the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT extend beyond their cutting-edge features. DJs can enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables and setup complexities. The long battery life of both products ensures uninterrupted performances, while the extensive wireless range provides sufficient coverage for various venue sizes. The SonicLink technology in the WAVE-EIGHT eliminates latency, enabling DJs to perform with precision and accuracy.

The OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT offer a new level of freedom and portability, allowing DJs to take their performances anywhere, from beaches to gardens to rooftops. These products are not only reliable and practical but also stylish, with a sleek and modern design that will appeal to DJs seeking both functionality and aesthetics.

Release Date and Availability

Exciting news for DJ enthusiasts: both the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT are set to be released in February. The wait for these cutting-edge products is almost over, and DJs can soon experience the future of wireless DJing firsthand. Whether you are a professional DJ looking to elevate your performances or a hobbyist seeking a portable and versatile setup, the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT are must-have additions to your DJ gear collection.


AlphaTheta’s OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT represent the future of wireless DJing. With their innovative features, including Bluetooth integration, SonicLink technology, and extended battery life, these products redefine the way DJs perform and interact with their music. The OMNIS-DUO’s standalone DJ Controller and the WAVE-EIGHT’s battery-powered speakers offer unmatched flexibility, mobility, and functionality, allowing DJs to take their performances to new heights. Whether you are an aspiring DJ, a seasoned professional, or simply looking to have fun with music, investing in the OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT will undoubtedly enhance your DJing experience. Get ready to create unforgettable moments on the dancefloor and be prepared to revolutionize the way you DJ.

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Building on the innovative spirit of our Pioneer DJ brand, we are excited to introduce two new products for DJs. The AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO and WAVE-EIGHT are the ultimate battery-powered pair that will allow you to perform anywhere.

The AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO is a standalone DJ Controller that features a familiar two-deck+mixer layout and a user-friendly touchscreen interface. With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can now mix and scratch wirelessly from your phone or tablet, giving you the freedom to move and explore your creativity.

But that’s not all! The AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT takes wireless DJing to the next level with its revolutionary SonicLink technology. Experience ultra-low-latency transmission that eliminates any audible delays, ensuring a seamless DJing experience. With up to eight hours of battery life and a weather-resistant design, you can take your DJ party to any location, rain or shine.

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