Introducing the Nord Grand 2 Piano

Hey there! I’m here to introduce you to the Nord Grand 2 Piano. This stage piano is a significant upgrade from the original Nord Grand, with some exciting improvements that are sure to impress piano players and keyboard enthusiasts. One of the standout features is the revamped premium Kawai hammer-action keyboard, which offers an incredibly authentic playing experience. The control panel has also been relocated to ensure you have maximum comfort and freedom while playing. Additionally, you can now assign a dedicated effects chain to each of the four independent instruments, allowing for endless possibilities in creating your desired sound. Whether you’re a piano player or a keyboard enthusiast, the Nord Grand 2 Piano is bound to capture your heart.

Overview of the Nord Grand 2 Piano

The Nord Grand 2 is a significant upgrade from the original Nord Grand, offering a range of improvements and new features that enhance the playing experience. One of the standout features of the Nord Grand 2 is the revamped premium Kawai hammer-action keyboard. Designed to replicate the feel of playing an acoustic grand piano, the keybed provides excellent response and sensitivity. Additionally, the control panel has been repositioned to prevent interference while playing and has been redesigned for easier navigation and control. The Nord Grand 2 also introduces a dedicated effects chain for each instrument, allowing for more customization and creativity. With separate sections for pianos and sample synths, as well as the ability to load personalized samples, the Nord Grand 2 offers versatility and flexibility to musicians.

Features and Improvements

The Nord Grand 2 introduces several notable features and improvements to enhance the overall playing experience. One of the key upgrades is the upgraded Kawai hammer-action keyboard. This premium keybed provides a realistic and expressive feel, perfect for piano players and keyboardists alike. The ergonomic placement of the control panel ensures that your hands don’t accidentally bump into it while playing, allowing for a seamless experience. The controls themselves have also been redesigned to be more intuitive and streamlined, making it easier for musicians to navigate and adjust settings on the fly. Another exciting feature of the Nord Grand 2 is the ability to layer two pianos and two sample synths, allowing for rich and complex sound combinations. Additionally, the sound library is customizable, giving users the opportunity to load personalized samples and expand their creative possibilities.

Introducing the Nord Grand 2 Piano

Impressive Action and Keybed

The Nord Grand 2 places a strong emphasis on the quality and feel of its keybed. By utilizing the upgraded Kawai hammer-action keyboard, the instrument delivers a playing experience that closely resembles that of an acoustic grand piano. With graduated hammer weights and enhanced action, piano players and keyboardists will feel right at home on the Nord Grand 2. The keybed responds accurately to nuanced playing, allowing for a high level of expression and control. Whether you’re a seasoned pianist or a skilled keyboardist, the Nord Grand 2’s keybed will impress you with its authenticity and responsiveness.

Intuitive Control Panel

The control panel of the Nord Grand 2 has undergone a redesign to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. Taking inspiration from the Nord Stage 4 and Nord Piano 5, the layout of the control panel has been optimized for easy navigation and accessibility. With clearly labeled controls and a logical arrangement, adjusting settings and exploring different options is a breeze. This intuitive design ensures that you can focus on your performance without being hindered by complicated menus or hard-to-find controls. The Nord Grand 2’s control panel is a welcome upgrade that enhances the overall user experience.

Introducing the Nord Grand 2 Piano

Versatile Sound Options

The Nord Grand 2 caters to a wide range of musical styles and preferences with its versatile sound options. It features two separate sections for pianos and sample synths, offering a diverse selection of sounds to choose from. The piano section provides the choice of grand, upright, and electric pianos, allowing users to find the perfect sound for any musical genre or setting. Additionally, the sample synth section opens up a world of possibilities, with access to analog synthesizer samples, the option to load personalized samples, and even string sections. The Nord Grand 2’s sound library is continuously growing, offering users a wealth of options and inspiring new sounds to explore.

Dedicated Effects Chains

The Nord Grand 2 brings a major improvement in the form of dedicated effects chains for each instrument. Unlike previous Nord models, each independent instrument on the Nord Grand 2 can have its own effects chain, allowing for greater customization and control over the sound. This development expands the creative possibilities and opens up new avenues for musicians to explore. With depth and rate controls for the effects, musicians can shape their sound to achieve the desired musical textures and atmospheres. The Nord Grand 2’s dedicated effects chains enhance the overall sonic experience and provide musicians with more tools to express their creativity.

Introducing the Nord Grand 2 Piano

Practical Applications

The Nord Grand 2 finds practical applications in various musical genres and settings. Worship music and R&B genres, in particular, benefit greatly from the capabilities of the Nord Grand 2. With the ability to create layered and split sounds, musicians can combine different instruments and tones to create a full and rich sound palette. The Nord Grand 2’s versatility and flexibility make it suitable for live performances, where musicians often need to adapt to different playing styles and genres. Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio, the Nord Grand 2 is a reliable and professional stage piano that will meet your musical needs.

Availability and Ordering

The Nord Grand 2 is expected to be released in the Spring, making it a highly anticipated instrument for musicians. Those interested in purchasing the Nord Grand 2 can place orders on, ensuring they secure this exceptional stage piano as soon as it becomes available. With its impressive features and improvements, the Nord Grand 2 promises to be a valuable addition to any musician’s arsenal.


In conclusion, the Nord Grand 2 Piano is a standout instrument that offers significant upgrades and enhancements from its predecessor. With a focus on providing a high-quality playing experience, the Nord Grand 2 excels in every aspect. From the revamp of the premium Kawai hammer-action keyboard to the intuitive control panel and versatile sound options, every detail has been carefully considered to meet the needs of piano players and keyboardists. The ability to load personalized samples and the dedicated effects chains for each instrument further elevate the Nord Grand 2’s capabilities. Whether you’re a professional musician or an aspiring artist, the Nord Grand 2 is a top choice for musicians seeking a professional stage piano that delivers exceptional sound and performance.

Introducing the Nord Grand 2 Piano

Experience the exquisite touch of the Nord Grand 2 piano, now available at Guitar Center:

With significant upgrades from its predecessor, the Nord Grand, the Nord Grand 2 stands out, thanks to its enhanced premium Kawai hammer-action keyboard. According to Nord Product Specialist Chris Martirano, the keybed of the Nord Grand 2 is guaranteed to captivate any piano player, as “the action is the main game.”

But the improvements don’t end there. The control panel has been carefully repositioned to ensure that your hands glide smoothly across the keys without any unwanted collisions. Additionally, the controls themselves have been optimized for intuitive and efficient real-world performance.

In addition to being able to layer two pianos and two sample synths, the Nord Grand 2 now offers the exciting capability of assigning a dedicated effects chain to each of the four independent instruments. With two separate sections dedicated to pianos (grand, upright, and electric) and sample synths, you can effortlessly load your own samples to create a truly personalized sound library.

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