MODX+ has improved live set mode for easier preset organization during shows

The new Yamaha MODX+ music synthesizers have made significant improvements over the original MODX series. With the FM-X synth engine now offering double the polyphony at 128 voices, you can create even more complex performances. The flash memory for user samples has also been increased to 1.75GB, allowing you to load more sounds simultaneously. The pitch bend and modulation wheels have been upgraded to rubber ones, providing an enhanced performance feel. Grammy-winning producer and keyboardist, Phil Cornish, demonstrates the MODX+ and highlights its improved live set mode for easier preset organization during shows. The MODX+ offers a range of piano, pad, synth, and organ sounds suitable for different playing styles. With its portability and lighter weight, it is an excellent choice for both local gigs and studio productions. If you want to explore the full capabilities of the MODX+, the speaker encourages you to visit your local GC or

In a video published by Guitar Center, the Yamaha MODX+ music synthesizer receives three significant upgrades that enhance the playing experience. The FM-X synth engine’s polyphony has been doubled to 128 voices, providing the opportunity for more intricate performances. Additionally, the flash memory for user samples has been increased to 1.75GB, allowing for the simultaneous loading of more sounds. The pitch bend and modulation wheels have also been improved with rubber surfaces to create a more satisfying performance feel. GRAMMY-winning producer and keyboardist Phil Cornish testifies to the MODX+’s capabilities and praises its improved live set mode, which simplifies preset organization during shows. Offering a variety of piano, pad, synth, and organ sounds to suit different musical styles, the MODX+ is more portable and lightweight than its predecessor, making it easier to transport. The speaker is confident that others will be just as impressed with the MODX+ as they have been and invites readers to further explore its features at their local GC or

Improved Live Set Mode

The Yamaha MODX+ music synthesizers have introduced an improved live set mode, making it easier for musicians to organize their presets during live performances. With the live set mode, you can set up all of your presets for every song in one screen. This means you can have up to 16 different sounds or scenes readily available for each particular song. Gone are the days of fiddling around and jumping between different screens or settings, as the live set mode allows you to smoothly transition between different sets without any interruptions. This streamlined approach to preset organization gives you more control and convenience during your performances.

Benefits of the Improved Live Set Mode

The improved live set mode on the Yamaha MODX+ offers several benefits for musicians. Firstly, it simplifies the process of setting up presets for different songs. With the ability to fit up to 16 presets on one screen, you can easily access the specific sounds you need for each song without any hassle. On top of that, the live set mode ensures that your presets remain consistent throughout your entire show. You no longer have to worry about manually switching between different screens or menus, as everything you need is easily accessible in one place.

Furthermore, the live set mode allows for seamless transitions between different presets. This means that you can smoothly switch from one sound to another without any sonic gaps. Whether you’re going from a piano to a synth, or from an electric piano to a pad, the live set mode ensures that there will be no lapse in the sound. You can effortlessly maintain the flow of your performance and keep your audience engaged at all times.

MODX+ has improved live set mode for easier preset organization during shows

Easier Preset Organization

With the live set mode on the Yamaha MODX+, preset organization becomes a breeze. Instead of having to navigate through complex menus or memorize different banks and locations for your presets, you can have them all conveniently organized in one place. The MODX+ allows you to have up to 16 presets on a single screen, making it easy to find and access the sounds you need on the fly.

This improved preset organization not only saves you time and effort during live performances but also makes it easier for you to experiment and create new sounds. Instead of getting lost in a sea of presets, you can confidently navigate through your available options, knowing that they are all arranged in a logical and user-friendly manner.

Upgrades of the Yamaha MODX+ Music Synthesizers

The Yamaha MODX+ music synthesizers have received several key upgrades that enhance their performance and versatility. These upgrades, taken from the flagship MONTAGE series, make the MODX+ a powerful tool for musicians of all genres.

Increased Polyphony with FM-X Synth Engine

The FM-X synth engine in the Yamaha MODX+ has seen a significant upgrade, doubling the total polyphony to 128 voices. This increase in polyphony allows for more complex performances, enabling you to play more notes simultaneously and create richer and more intricate sounds. With the FM-X synth engine’s enhanced polyphony, you have even greater freedom to express your musical ideas and push the boundaries of your creativity.

Expanded Flash Memory for User Samples

In addition to increased polyphony, the Yamaha MODX+ also boasts an expanded flash memory for user samples. With 1.75GB of flash memory, you can now load more sounds and samples into your MODX+ at the same time. This expanded storage capacity opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to easily access and use a wide range of sounds and samples during your performances or recordings. Whether you’re a producer, a composer, or a live performer, the increased flash memory ensures that you have the freedom to explore and experiment with a vast library of sounds.

Enhanced Performance Feel with Upgraded Wheels

To further improve the playing experience, Yamaha has upgraded the pitch bend and modulation wheels on the MODX+. These wheels, previously made of plastic, have been replaced with rubber ones, matching the quality and feel of those found on the MONTAGE series. The upgraded wheels offer a smoother and more comfortable performance feel, allowing for more expressive and nuanced playing. Whether you’re performing live or recording in the studio, the upgraded wheels on the MODX+ help you deliver your musical ideas with precision and finesse.

MODX+ has improved live set mode for easier preset organization during shows

MODX+ for Recording and Interface

The Yamaha MODX+ is not only a powerful synth for live performances but also a versatile tool for recording and production. With its built-in recording software and interface capabilities, the MODX+ offers a convenient all-in-one solution for musicians looking to capture their creativity.

Compatibility with Recording

The MODX+ is equipped with its own recording software, allowing you to easily record your ideas and compositions directly on the synth. Whether you want to lay down a piano melody, create a synth pad, or experiment with sound design, the recording feature on the MODX+ has got you covered. It offers a range of features, including time signature and tempo adjustments, click track functionality, and more. This compatibility with recording ensures that you can capture your musical ideas with ease and convenience, without the need for additional equipment or software.

User-Friendly Interface

In addition to its recording capabilities, the MODX+ also functions as a user-friendly interface. By connecting the MODX+ to your computer via USB, you can use it as a MIDI controller and seamlessly integrate it into your digital audio workstation (DAW) setup. The MODX+ offers convenient control options, allowing you to adjust settings, mix tracks, and navigate through your DAW software with ease. Its user-friendly interface makes the recording and production process more intuitive and efficient, allowing you to focus on your music rather than technicalities.

Super Knob and Faders for Sound Manipulation

The Yamaha MODX+ features a Super Knob and faders that provide musicians with powerful tools for sound manipulation and expression. These controls allow you to shape and mold your sounds in real-time, adding depth and dynamics to your performances or recordings.

Overview of Super Knob and Faders

The Super Knob is a versatile control that allows you to manipulate various parameters and effects of your sounds. By twisting the Super Knob, you can change settings such as reverb, modulation, delay, and more, creating unique textures and atmospheres. The Super Knob gives you instant control over the sonic characteristics of your sounds, allowing you to mold them to suit your artistic vision.

The faders on the MODX+ offer further control and flexibility. With four faders, you can adjust parameters such as cutoff, resonance, pan, portamento, and more. These faders allow for real-time adjustments during your performances or recordings, giving you the ability to shape and evolve your sounds on-the-fly. The combination of the Super Knob and faders provides an immersive and hands-on sound manipulation experience, allowing you to create dynamic and expressive performances.

Manipulating Various Sounds and Effects

The Super Knob and faders on the MODX+ can be used to manipulate a wide range of sounds and effects. Whether you’re working with pianos, pads, synths, or organs, these controls offer extensive possibilities for sonic exploration.

For example, when working with a piano sound, you can use the Super Knob to add reverb, giving it a sense of space and depth. By twisting the knob, you can increase or decrease the amount of reverb in real-time, creating a more immersive and atmospheric piano sound. Similarly, when working with a synth pad, you can use the faders to adjust parameters such as cutoff and resonance, allowing you to shape the tone and timbre of the pad to fit your musical vision.

The Super Knob and faders provide a hands-on and intuitive approach to sound manipulation, allowing you to bring your sounds to life and infuse them with your unique style and expression.

MODX+ has improved live set mode for easier preset organization during shows

Wide Range of Sounds Available

The Yamaha MODX+ offers a wide range of sounds to suit different playing styles and musical genres. From realistic piano sounds to ethereal pads and cutting-edge synths, the MODX+ provides a diverse sonic palette that can inspire creativity and elevate performances.

Piano Sounds for Different Playing Styles

The MODX+ offers a variety of piano sounds to cater to different playing styles and preferences. Whether you prefer a bright and punchy sound or a warm and mellow tone, the MODX+ has got you covered. One go-to piano sound on the MODX+ is the CFX Concert, which offers a balanced and versatile tone suitable for various genres. The CFX Concert is known for its rich high-end and powerful low end, capturing the nuances and expression of a real concert grand piano.

Pad and Synth Sounds

For those looking to explore ambient and atmospheric textures, the MODX+ offers a range of pad and synth sounds. These sounds allow you to create lush, evolving soundscapes that can add depth and dimension to your compositions or performances. With the Super Knob and faders, you can further shape and control the characteristics of these sounds, allowing for endless sonic possibilities.

Organ Sounds

The MODX+ also provides a selection of organ sounds, perfect for adding a touch of vintage flair to your music. Whether you’re looking for a classic Hammond organ sound or a more contemporary organ tone, the MODX+ delivers with its authentic and dynamic organ sounds. With the intuitive controls on the MODX+, you can easily dial in the perfect organ sound and add a distinct flavor to your music.

Unexplored Features of the MODX+

While the Yamaha MODX+ offers an impressive range of features and capabilities, there are still many unexplored possibilities waiting to be discovered. The MODX+ provides a platform for musicians to push their creative boundaries and uncover new sounds and techniques.

Potential for Further Exploration

With its powerful synthesis engines and flexible control options, the MODX+ offers endless potential for further exploration. Musicians can delve into sound design, experiment with different effects, and create unique combinations of sounds and textures. The MODX+ is a playground for sonic experimentation, inviting musicians to push the limits of their imagination and discover new sonic territories.

Endless Possibilities

The vast array of sounds, effects, and controls on the MODX+ opens up a world of possibilities for musicians. Whether you’re a seasoned performer, a budding producer, or a hobbyist explorer, the MODX+ has something to offer. Its versatility and adaptability make it a valuable tool for musicians in all genres and styles. The only limit on the MODX+ is your own creativity.

Praise for the MODX and Montage

The Yamaha MODX and Montage series have received positive feedback from users and earned professional endorsements. Musicians and producers have praised the quality of the sounds, the versatility of the synthesizers, and the intuitive user interfaces.

Positive Feedback from Users

Users of the MODX and Montage series have expressed their satisfaction with the synthesizers. They appreciate the wide range of sounds available, the realism of the acoustic instrument emulations, and the ease of use. Many users also commend the build quality of the instruments, noting their durability and reliability.

Professional Endorsements

The MODX and Montage series have garnered endorsements from professional musicians and producers. Grammy-winning producer and keyboardist Phil Cornish, known for his work with Kanye West, Demi Lovato, Usher, and more, has spoken highly of the MODX+. Cornish praises its capabilities, noting that it provides the same engine as the Montage in a more portable and lightweight package. This testimonial from an industry professional further establishes the reputation and quality of the MODX+.

Portability and Specs of the MODX+

The Yamaha MODX+ is designed with portability and ease of transport in mind. It features a lightweight design that allows musicians to take it on the go without sacrificing performance or functionality.

Lightweight Design and Easy Transport

Compared to its flagship counterpart, the Montage, the MODX+ is lighter and more compact, making it easier to transport from one location to another. This lightweight design is particularly beneficial for live performers or musicians who frequently travel with their gear. You can confidently take the MODX+ to gigs, rehearsals, or studio sessions without worrying about its weight or size.

Key Specifications

In addition to its portability, the MODX+ boasts key specifications that contribute to its exceptional performance. The increased polyphony of 128 voices, thanks to the FM-X synth engine, allows for more complex and intricate performances. The expanded flash memory of 1.75GB enables users to load more sounds and samples simultaneously, providing a vast library of options for creative exploration. These specifications, combined with the enhanced performance feel of the upgraded rubber wheels, make the MODX+ a powerful and versatile music synthesizer.

Encouragement to Explore the MODX+

If you’re intrigued by the Yamaha MODX+ and its impressive features, I encourage you to visit your local Guitar Center or check out to experience it for yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner, the MODX+ has something to offer everyone. Its intuitive interface, wide range of sounds, and powerful synthesis engines make it a valuable asset in any musical journey. Explore the possibilities, unleash your creativity, and discover the extraordinary capabilities of the MODX+.


In conclusion, the improved live set mode on the Yamaha MODX+ music synthesizers makes preset organization during live performances easier than ever before. With its increased polyphony, expanded flash memory, and enhanced performance feel, the MODX+ delivers a superior playing experience. Its compatibility with recording, user-friendly interface, and ability to manipulate sounds and effects using the Super Knob and faders add to its versatility. The wide range of sounds available, unexplored possibilities, and positive feedback from users and professionals further solidify the MODX+’s reputation as a top-notch music synthesizer. Its portability, key specifications, and encouragement to explore the MODX+ make it an enticing option for musicians of all levels. With the MODX+, you can confidently create, perform, and express yourself, knowing that others will be equally impressed with its capabilities.

Yamaha has made improvements to the live set mode in MODX+ to make it easier for you to organize your presets during shows. The new Yamaha MODX+ series offers three significant upgrades over the original, inspired by the flagship MONTAGE, to provide you with an exceptional playing experience.

Firstly, the FM-X synth engine now has double the total polyphony with 128 voices. This allows you to play more notes and create even more complex Performances. Combined with the AWM2 engine, you now have a total of 256 voices of polyphony, matching that of MONTAGE.

In addition, the flash memory for user samples has been increased to 1.75GB from 1GB. This means you can load more sounds, such as the free Bösendorfer Imperial Grand library, into your MODX+ at the same time. This matches the specifications of the flagship MONTAGE.

Yamaha has also upgraded the pitch bend and modulation wheels from plastic to rubber, giving you an enhanced performance feel. These new rubber wheels are the same ones used on the MONTAGE.

We invite you to check out MODX+ and experience the improvements for yourself. We had the pleasure of having Phil Cornish, a GRAMMY-winning producer, keyboardist, and MD for Ye, Demi Lovato, Usher, Diddy, and more, and a long-time Yamaha user, test out MODX+.

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